Remember the Steve McQueen movie "Bullit?" There is a famous chase scene which races through the streets of San Fancisco and the cars become airborne as they cross cliff-like intersections. This is Taylor street and Red Bull thought it would be a great idea to stage a luge race down this street.

Experienced riders were taking bets on the worst injury and even Darren told a reporter "some new guy will try to make this without brakes and end up in the hospital."

At this point NO ONE had ever raced on hills like this. Darren had been practicing with a ramp to see how high a luge could jump and remain in control. This gave him an edge and he won the Mass Luge event. He also made the SuperMass finals, and was one of two finalists in the first Big Air Contest.

Above is the jump that qualified Darren for the "Big Air" jump off against Sean Mallard. The luge gets completely sideways.

Note the wheels readily visible are the BACK wheels. The front wheels are up by Darren's left foot, and he is attempting to shove the nose of the board back downhill.

His right foot is skidding against the pavement, hoping to anchor the luge before it flips on impact. It all must happen in a fraction of a second.

Darren's riding with a camera, so you can see a POV of what happens.

Also note the ROCKET ACCELERATION that comes from merely picking up your feet.

And the only way to stop is to put those feet back down!

This is one STEEP hill.