What better way to top off a great day of Street Luge racing than throwing together a Classic Butt Board race to amaze the spectators?

Darren was the only rider who came prepared to compete, but convinced 3 fellow riders to borrow any skateboards they could find.

Travis Tripp had made one practice run with Darren earlier, while Hawley Glen and Kevin Shelton were about to take their very first Butt Board ride down the course. One run for all the glory!

Feeling confident, Darren (on the left with black helmet) and Travis (not seen) planned to start behind everyone and make spectacular passes for the crowd and cameras.

Dave Auld (POV w/visible leg) volunteered to ride Camera Luge.

Travis ran throught dirt on the first corner and soon was far behind. Hoping to keep as large a pack together as possible, Darren wrote off Travis.

Hawley had terrible speed wobbles and quickly became less of a competitor and more of a moving road block. Dave and Darren slowed when they got close, but Kevin continued to rocket away and so a serious chase ensued.

Here Travis (left) has made a comeback and is passing Dave and Hawley on the inside. Darren is in the distant middle and Kevin is nowhere in sight!

As he got to the last hard turn, Darren had his sights on Kevin who was riding better than anyone could have expected. Especially because Kevin was riding a very short skateboard borrowed from Bob Schwartz's son "Scooter."

What the other riders had forgotten was that Kevin had just placed 3rd in pro luge division 20 minutes before. Kevin was out to win.

Just as Darren (right) reached Kevin (middle), Travis (left) blew past them both on the inside. A serious race to the finish was now ON!

Darren pulled out all the stops as there was only one fast straight away before the finish line turn.

Here he and Travis battle it out about 60 mph, side by side. The crowd went nuts as they blazed into the final right 90 degree turn. Camera flashes were popping off like a movie premier and the air stank of burnt tire rubber from their shoes.

Darren pulled ahead before sliding the turn and crossing the finish line FIRST!

Travis came in moments later and both riders were soon hugging over an incredible race. Kevin Shelton piloted his "two foot wonder" right into the hay bales on the last turn and Hawley wobbled across the finish line, his "back trucks way too loose."

Every Luge racer was excited about the spectacular effort and finish by the racers. Most were determined to be more prepared and bring their own boards next year.

Darren, Travis, Kevin and Hawley showed them - Ansted is one great Butt Board course!

Dave Auld did a great job riding the camera luge. He had to be fast to keep the leaders in good view, but not get in too tight and cause a wreck. That's even more difficult than trying to win.

The riders knew Dave would be up to it as he only missed medaling at the pro event by a last turn wipe out.

Aside from doing a great job filming, Dave went back and edited the peice into clips with music. This is a deep link to the movie on his site. (It's a big download - 3 meg) Click on the picture above to download it.

Make sure to check out Dave's Street Luge Site. Aside from cool pictures, it has the best collection of movies and scheduled events.