In 1998 the Hot Heels European Downhill Skate Championships added Street Luge as a racing category.

This is the last chicane before the finish straight away. To win, a racer has to come in about 60 mph and clip the apex near the "Achtung!" sign, drifting out toward the orange safety fence.

One foot on the other side of the plastic fencing is a 200 foot drop to a granite riverbed. The fence won't stop you from going over the cliff. Your only chance is to grab and tangle in it. On the way over, the fence will hopefully catch on trees and poles before you hit the bottom.

This section is known as "Hell's Gate."

In the finals, Darren entered "Hell's Gate" in a distant 4th place. By the finish line he had passed Flow Danieux (top) and was passing Olie Tochnig when they became entangled.

This was more dangerous than it sounds, as the entire bottom section is lined by granite slabs and thick posts meant to stop a car from going off the road.

Here are Darren and Olie, hooked and sliding across the finish line. The judges awarded 2nd to Olie and 3rd to Darren, but both riders were just happy to separate and stop safely.

Stefan Wagner (in 1st) was unbeatable that day.

The final luge results were:

1st: Stefan Wagner (center)

2nd: Olie Tochnig (left)

3rd: Darren Lott (right)

4th: Flow Daniuex