From the Street Luge Survival Guide
Gravity Publishing, ISBN 0-9662563-7-9
Copyright 1998 Darren A. Lott

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About the Sport

Contrary to just about everything else you may have heard or read about this sport, STREET LUGING IS NOT TOTALLY ILLEGAL. Furthermore, IT IS NOT INSANELY DANGEROUS!

Street luge is lying down on a long, specialized skateboard and riding down a paved road or path. Even in its tamest form, it's really fun. Pursued with skill and practice, it can offer both the serenity and exhilaration at which most sports only hint.

Sure, you can street luge in an illegal, unsafe manner, but then most things can be done that way. Street luge has the reputation of being an outlaw sport because of the media. They have catapulted a very few into daredevil fame while alienating a much larger group. The brave few who try based on these exaggerated or incorrect accounts find their pioneering efforts costly and painful. The only current barrier to massive participation is the spread of accurate and quality information.

What I'm writing about here is an exciting yet manageable sport. One that is equally comparable to the planet's other great adventures. In fact, I believe that correctly pursued, street luge offers the greatest "Thrill to Danger ratio" of any extreme sport available. It doesn't require highly technical gear, special weather conditions, years of conditioning, youthful abandon, or lots of money. And there are plenty of other more efficient ways to get killed or arrested.