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The Street Luge Survival Guide has been very popular with our readers. We don't publish these related books, but if you buy them from through the below link, we'll get a little commission. (It helps finance our next book on the sport!)

Street Luge Survival Guide

Author: Darren Lott
Softcover 224 pages. Illustrated

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OK. This is our book. But in case someone links to this page only, we have it here again. The Street Luge Survival Guide is now being referred to as "The Bible of the Sport."

If you buy no other book on this subject, get this book and read it thoroughly.

Street Luge (Extreme Sports)

Author: John Nichols
Hardcover 48 pages.
Color Photos

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Our favorite of the two books geared for younger readers. Author John Nichols studied our "Street Luge Survival Guide" and does an excellent job re purposing advice for 9-12 year olds. It even includes great photos by Kent Kochheiser.

Buy it for the photos, add it to your collection, or get a young luger off to a great start!

Street Luge Racing

Author: Pat Ryan
Hardcover 48 pages.
Color Photos

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Featuring content consultant Bob Pereyra, this book succeeds quite well at a tricky goal: a book written as "Juvenile Literature" for Public School Libraries. It features many color photos, particularly rare shots of the Germans during the '95 X Games.

It will no doubt inspire the next generation of street lugers. A must for the "Complete Library" of Street Luge.

The Concrete Wave (The History of Skateboarding)

Author: Mike Brooke
Softcover 200 pages.
Color Photos

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Michael Brooke is a long time skater. This means he remembers when skateboarding included downhill and its variants (including street luge), not just curb grinding and ollies.

Michael also publishes "International Longboarder," a free magazine which occasionally has information on Laydown Skateboarding.

Guinness Book of World Records (2004 Edition)

by Guinness Media
Hardcover, embossed.
Color Photos

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Guinness Book 2004

Originally a book to settle bar bets, Guinness has become the authoritative keeper of world records. Only a small sampling of records make the book each year.

Downhill skateboarding records are listed in 2000, 2001 and 2004.

The 2004 edition is absolutely beautiful and has a color photo of the "World's Fastest Butt Boarder."

The Illustrated Guide to Aerodynamics

Author: "Skip" Smith
Softcover 272 pages.

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Illustrated Guide Cover

Most books on Aerodynamics concern Supersonic travel, and those that don't still involve airplanes. This is also a book about plane aerodynamics but it is basic enough to apply to luge.

If you are a hard core luge designer, you'll want to read this.

Race Car Aerodynamics: Designing for Speed

Author: Joseph Katz
Softcover 270 pages.

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We were searching for a recommendation on ground-based vehicle aerodynamics. Keith Harris took our challenge and turned us on to this book. He writes:

Typical of Bentley books, this one is excellent for novices or engineers; covering basic thru advanced subsonic aerodynamics. The part on ground plane aerodynamics will be especially interesting to street lugers & buttboarders.